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Mink Vs. Silk Lashes

So as a Lash Artist, I feel it is my duties to inform all of my clients about the basic fundamentals of lash extensions. Of course, some would say that I’m giving away way too much information, but hey as a Lash Professional and Beauty Scientist, it is my DUTY to give you Beauties informative content that helps you make sensible decisions when choosing your next lash tech. For starters, one of the most asked questions my clients’ asks me,  “ Are Mink lash extensions the only type of lash extensions out there?” which is understandable considering MINK lash extensions are the most marketed lash extension of them all. “So what are the different types,” you ask? Well, let’s start with the most common lash extension of them all, Mink Lash Extensions.

Mink eyelashes are the most luxurious and expensive type of eyelash extensions, made from refined mink fur hairs that are normally hand brushed from live mink. The great thing about minks is that they are not subjected to dyes or other chemicals and therefore, retain their deep rich velvety appearance and semi-gloss finish. These gorgeous lash extensions also typically come from Siberian Mink guaranteeing a fluffy, light, and natural look.
Now moving on to Silk Lash extensions, which are made from a synthetic silk that is designed to look like the end of your natural eyelash. This type of eyelash extension is thinner at the tip, becomes thicker towards the bottom and is lighter in weight than Mink Lash Extensions. As a result, it helps your eyelash to appear more natural and full,  but some concerns of silk lash extensions are the longevity of the curl and the extreme glossy finish of the Silk lash extension making them look less natural, but hey it’s all about preference, some of my clients love them!


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