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History of Lash Extensions

       THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN about eyelash extensions, besides new techniques. For centuries Hollywood’s elite has been using dated techniques to enhance the look of their eyelash extensions, which has been said to be from Korean origins. Becoming one of the most sought-after services by celebrities such as the Kardashians, Beyoncé’, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton, eyelash extensions have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. With humble beginnings, the application of eyelash extensions has evolved through the late 1900s to modern day. Let’s take a quick look at the history of lash extensions.

 Early 1900’s

        The idea of lash extensions originated from the need or want of dramatic looking lashes for the big screen. With little known about lash extensions, Parisian Artists in Europe came up with the gruesome idea of sewing hair to the eyelid to create the ideal fluffed look. As you probably guessed this technique was not the most appealing to the majority of women who wanted to achieve this look, so new techniques were developed.

Mid 1900’s

          During the 1930s, when bold and daring makeup was the trend of the time eyelash extensions saw a major surge in popularity. Beauty Salons introduced the strip lashes to their customers, giving them an instant lash boost. Styles and shades were limited, making it difficult to create customized looks for the everyday woman. As time drifted into the 1940s, and more women entering the workforce, beauty trends moved towards the more natural look, therefore the popularity of eyelashes fell out of favor with the everyday woman and became an exclusive luxury for movie stars and celebrities.

 Late 1900’s

      By the 1960s lash extensions came back into play, thanks to the icon “ Twiggy”, who debuted the dramatic glam lash look that became an instant craze amongst women during this time. Made from a number of materials such a real mink fur, silk, and synthetic materials, eyelash extensions were being mass-produced throughout the world sparking new innovated techniques.

 Early 2000’s

       Fast forward to early 2000s in the eyelash extension industry, when Americans were first introduced to what we now know as the 1:1 semi-permanent application of lash extensions by Korean Beauty professionals. This new application technique allows the ultimate customization for every woman who wants to add a natural or dramatic enhancement to her look. By introducing this method, lash extensions are more accessible now than ever, seen on everyone from the everyday working-woman in corporate America to Hollywood celebrities.


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