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Class in Session

Hey Beauties,

      I'm so excited to announce Lashatory's newest Academy. We took our GOOD time crafting this course for the Woman of entrepreneurship,  like yourself. 

       We wanted to create a class that offered more than just innovative lash techniques but also guidelines to help you jump start your e-commerce presence as soon as you finish your course.

         I remember taking my very first lash class and I can honestly say that starting an e-commerce store was never in my plans until I decided to set up an online storefront to drop ship some products, which I'll explain the headache of dropshipping in another post.

       During my bootstrapping phases, I found out that I had a knack for creating e-commerce stores that converted to sales. I mean, after 3 years of wins and loses in the e-commerce game you learn a lot, mostly what is essential to an e-commerce storefront and what is not, you know. I have collected and compiled the knowledge learned during different business training courses and mentors that helped me to create an additional stream for my growing Brand, which as a Beauty Professional, I feel it's vital for me to share!

       If you want to see proof check out www.lashatory.com! I completely built this website from scratch using all of my lessons learned during my entrepreneur journey.

Here is a snippet of Lashatory's Newest Dual Course:

     Intro to Classic Lash Artistry and E-commerce training class. This dual class is for the entrepreneur at heart who wants to thrive in the Beauty industry by creating your very own personal platform to sell, engage and create products for your brand. 

Phase 1: Includes Intro to Lash Artistry: Classic Lash edition. This training is comprised of 6 hours of practical and theoretical training which takes you through our detail training manual, breaking d the science of Classic Artistry.

Phase 2: Access to Women of E-commerce Academy. Training modules guiding you through building your very for own website for your business using  Shopify as a platform. The classes will walk you through the essential components of building your online presence through products, engage in email marketing, and user-friendly apps necessary to retain your customers' information, needed for marketing and analytics

Phase 3: Choosing products to introduce to your online storefront. 

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